There is a widespread fear across the oil and gas sectors that a workforce shortage is inevitable in the (very) near future. Many claim that the younger generations, specifically millennials and centennials, possess negative attitudes that inhibit them from pursuing careers in the industry. It is true that these generations exhibit increased concern for environmental sustainability and stewardship, both of which have never been closely associated with oil and gas. What’s not true, however, is that these attitudes indicate a threat. In fact, they should be seen as an opportunity.

Millennials and centennials have grown up in an environment where technology is effervescent. It is up to us as industry seniors to adequately demonstrate the need for technologically-inclined employees intent on revolutionizing the industry in such a way that it improves environmental sustainability for future generations. By posing career responsibilities as opportunities for technology-based growth and advancement, we are likely to attract a mix of individuals that will benefit the oil and gas sector long-term.

Leveraging Current Technology

Youth preparing to enter the workforce are often attracted to challenges laced with some of the best technology available on the market. As oil and gas prepares to transition to blockchain and new methods of resource collection are introduced to the market, we are uniquely equipped with the resources required to hold the attention of potential employees.

Offering millennials and centennials the chance to be a part of an industry-wide revolution is an attractive way to generate interest in an otherwise poorly-perceived field. Industry recruits should engage in a strategic effort to educate students on current industry trends in ways that adequately showcase the innovative technology utilized in various aspects of the workforce.

New technologies will require skilled employees capable of operating and troubleshooting equipment and processes that are relatively new to the world in general. By illustrating the core competencies needed to safely and adeptly integrate this new technology (mathematics, computer science, physics, geology, and more), we are assuring students that the skills they will learn training to be an employee in the oil and gas sector are applicable across an infinite number of fields.

Petitioning For Continued Advancement

The oil and gas industry should also strive to ensure potential employees that industry goals are actually in alignment with improved environmental sustainability and stewardship. While the technology required to safely collect natural resources while minimally impacting mother nature may not be readily available right now, it is certainly on the way. We need to continue developing and refining available technology to the point where these goals are not only achievable but within reach. What better way to accomplish such a task then by petitioning the earth-conscious, technically-advanced minds of younger generations to rise to the challenge.

Assuming the oil and gas industry is prepared to take on the rapid advancement often associated with intense technological change, we can honestly inform millennials and centennials of the vast array of opportunities awaiting them when they pursue a career in the field. By leveraging the unique and unprecedented technology already available to the industry, and demonstrating a need for continuous improvement as it pertains to environmentalism, we are likely to attract a whole new generation of oil and gas employees capable of solving some of the industry’s most complex challenges.