Presentations by Robert Bensh

At this point, Robert Bensh has accumulated over two decades of experience in the oil, energy, and finance industries. He’s gained experience working with businesses around the world, including some in London, Ukraine, Australia, South America, and the United States. Today he lives in Houston, Texas. 

Robert has worked with almost a dozen big name corporations to help them develop their oil and gas businesses. He has a strong track record of boosting growth in production, as well as experience in building funds, acquisitions, and capital. He enjoys helping merge businesses and seeing them live up to their full potential. 

Today Robert Bensh enjoys sharing his knowledge with others who work in, or are interested in working in, the oil and gas industry. Whether you are just beginning your career path or have spent decades in the world of oil and gas, you’re sure to learn something new through Robert’s posts. He’s also converted many of them into eye-catching presentations. You can view them on his slideshare account, or this page here. This is just a small sampling of Robert’s thoughts on oil and gas, energy, and more.