Millions of people work in the oil and gas industries. Those positions are known for their hard work, but they are also known for their appealing salaries and opportunities for advancement. The industry offers opportunities in a wide variety of fields. That means that many different types of people can find a position that suits their talents.


Research and Engineering Positions

The oil and gas industries depend on a huge amount of technology in order to function. Petroleum engineers work to asses potential drilling sites and manage the complex systems that allow them to function. Other engineers work in research labs to try to improve that technology. Geologists also play a crucial role by working to identify the sites that have valuable resources. The oil and gas sector needs specialists from a variety of fields, so many technical experts can find a place to work. These are all highly technical positions. They are a great fit for people that like to work with numbers or are good at focusing on details.


Administrative Positions

Oil platforms, drilling sites, and the businesses that manage them are all massive undertakings. They employ a huge number of people who need to coordinate their efforts to get things done. Administrative workers, from secretaries to managers, make that possible. They spend their time making sure that all of the other workers have the resources that they need, get their work done on time, and get paid for it. Some administrators even focus on the technical part of the industry by tracking performance and other vital metrics. These positions demand a good mixture of social and professional skills, much like similar positions in many other sectors.


Surveying Positions

Surveyors focus on examining the lay of the land to figure out where other workers can safely install their equipment. Many of them work at sea, spending their days examining the seabed itself. They often work separately from other teams in the industry because they focus on preparing sites, but they still have a vital role to play in the process. This is a great fit for people that want to spend time at sea or those who have an interest in the natural world.

If you’re considering a career path in the oil and gas industry, one of these jobs may be perfect for you!