The fall season brings new reasons to spend money. High heating bills, holiday spending, and warmer clothes are some expenses that come with the change in seasons. But, one purchase that’s going to be cheaper in the next couple of months might be a regular one.

Gas retailers can now switch over to winter blend gas, which is cheaper to produce and can help consumers save money at the pump.

According to the NACS, gas typically begins to experience a spike in demand during February and then begins to decrease throughout the rest of the year. In September, however, the demand starts to decrease as prices begin to rise.

GasBuddy states that the price of gas can decrease by around 30 cents per gallon during the middle of September to November as people start to drive less and stick closer to home.

In most parts of the country, storage facilities and terminals must remove their winter fuel by May 1. In June, retailers have to switch to summer-based gasoline. However, the NACS states that it’s not necessary to switch over to winter blend gas in September. Instead, most retailers will make the switch and sell the less expensive blend.

According to GasBuddy, winter blend gas is generally cheaper because it has a higher Reid vapor pressure. This measure is used to test fuel volatility. In summer, evaporation would lead to higher emissions and smog.

The NACS also stated that consumers could expect to see a slight increase in the price of gas when retailers transition to winter-based fuel.

Other types of fuel, such as home heating oil and diesel fuel, are not expected to decrease in price. During the fall season, the demand for these products increases due to the colder weather.

The average price of gas in the US has been decreasing since hitting record highs in June. According to AAA, the average price of gas in the country is currently at around $3 to $4 per gallon. Despite the experts’ predictions of a spike in gas prices during the winter season, lower fuel costs can provide consumers with a much-needed break from the pump.