Technology has been rapidly advancing virtually every industry for the last couple of decades now. Research and development in the oil and gas industry in particular have led to several technical and digital breakthroughs. These developments have made oil mining and exploration much cheaper as well as highly convenient and safe. Here is an overview of the latest technologies in the oil and gas industry.

Cloud Computing Technology

Oil and gas drilling engineers have hit a breakthrough as far as exploration and processing of potential oil and gas mining is concerned. The introduction of cloud computing technology coupled with additional related concepts such as blockchain technology has made it possible for engineers to digitally explore and process potential mines. Data from the actual field is processed and stored remotely, thereby giving engineers an opportunity to map out oil deposits for convenient and sustainable exploration.

Wearable Safety Technology

Safety is a big issue in the oil and gas mining sector. The development of some wearable device technology and the internet of things have made it possible for safety engineers in the industry to achieve flawless mining safety. Wearable devices allow safety engineers to map out the location of all persons involved in an oil mining site. In case of an accident, locating such casualties becomes much easier. Besides, the devices can remotely transmit crucial data on the physiological condition of the miners.

Automated and Autonomous Robotics

As a safety precaution that is also targeted at reducing oil exploration costs, engineers in the industry have created autonomous offshore robots that are capable of reaching out to areas that are otherwise impossible to be accessed by humans. Automated robots are capable of sampling out oil deposits for lab analysis, thereby allowing engineers to specify their prospects.

Automated drilling control, on the other hand, gives oil-extraction engineers a chance to remotely monitor the performance of drilling rigs at the click of a button. This concept increases the efficiency of oil mining sites while reducing as much as possible the prospect of causation of accidents. Automated systems, for instance, can autonomously shutdown a drilling operation in case of detection of a potential safety issue such as hitting a gas pocket which may otherwise lead to a rig blowout.