Renewable energy is a popular topic these days. Solar power and wind power get favorable press and are frequently touted as the undisputed future of energy.

Natural gas, however, is making a big entrance onto the world stage. The United States is leading the charge as the world’s largest producer. There are several reasons why this is a significant development.

Natural gas is often looked down upon by those who advocate strongly for renewables. It is a fossil fuel and is often a byproduct of drilling for crude oil. Natural gas, however, is much cleaner than other fossil fuel alternatives. In fact, it is 50 percent cleaner than coal and 30 percent cleaner than oil. Natural gas also doesn’t release any of the chemical compounds which contribute to the buildup of smog.

CO2 emissions are also very low. According to the climate revolutionaries who support total renewable energy, CO2 is the cause of all environmental woes. If that is the case then natural gas makes for the easiest quick solution.

Unlike most renewables, natural gas is cheap and easy to implement. It does not rely on good weather and it is cheaper than conventional oil and petroleum products. This makes it easier to use in places that are not California or the European Riviera.

One of the major criticisms that can be leveled at those who want the whole world to transition to renewables within the next decade or so is that it is unfair to third world countries. Places like Africa and the Middle East are far behind the West in terms of economic development. This is in large part because the industrial revolution did not occur in these places until later in history than in developed countries. 

In other words, the West got rich burning fossil fuels. So it is hypocritical to try banning all fossil fuels now that other countries are trying to use similar methods to escape poverty. China, for example, has become one of the world’s top economies in a short period of time, but it has been with the heavy use of coal.

Rather than banning fossil fuels, an effort should be made to transition to the cleanest available fossil fuel: natural gas. Natural gas can be used in tandem with renewables to create a bright and clean future.