There’s a rising demand for oil and gas workers today. The use of petroleum is still moving strongly, and this is reflected in the rising price of crude. Natural resources require tremendous logistics to extract, transport and then process. The oil and gas industry, specifically, has three subsections you can enter and still work within oil. Your potential work in this industry can evolve, allowing you to scale your labor, find promotions and establish a fulfilling career.

Lack of Training

Your biggest obstacle to finding a job in oil and gas is training. Employers in this sector often complain, without any notion of little work to offer, that people aren’t educated to work in their industry. Finding the education you need isn’t difficult, but you must be dedicated to this field in particular. When a labor market lacks required training, it’s not always due to a lack of information. At times, it’s an issue of desire and knowing where to look.

The Qualifications

Trade skills give some workers the ability to break and move natural resources. These laborers remove land mass, dig trenches and actively drill at worksites. The planning and labor sectors of the oil and gas industry are both in demand. There’s currently a shortage of professional laborers and office personnel. Candidates with degrees can expect to find administrative roles that still require deep knowledge of geography, drilling and chemical reactions.

Some of the Roles

You will either work in extracting, refining or distributing oil and gas. Each stage of logistics dictates the type of work you’ll encounter. Extracting gas and oil calls for an understanding of the hazards of drilling. Refining calls for skills in altering and maintaining chemical bonds. Professionals that distribute will also work in sales. There are common positions regardless of the specific sector your work falls within. They consist of:

  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Inspectors


Whether analyzing reserves or natural deposits, you need developed skills. Exploration and production are also roles that are in demand within oil and gas. These sectors are now ripe for the taking, and you might find very little competition.