Many people today have become determined to work toward the preservation of the environment and work to resolve social problems. Here are some rising entrepreneurs in America who are environmentally responsible:

Sophia Wang 

With inventor and artist Phil Ross, Sophia Wang has co-founded a biomaterials company named MycoWorks. This Indonesian company, based in Bandung, West Java, has contributed to the preservation of the environment by developing natural alternatives to leather and plastics, along with engineered wood by using Mushroom mycelium technology with agricultural waste.

Saja Chander 

For those who seek a garment for more than its label, there is Saja Chander, founder of Fairbee, who strives for a sustainable positive impact by changing the purchasing behavior of online consumers seeking fashion, jewelry, and jewelry accessories produced fairly.

Dan Steward

Dan Steward is the Founder and CEO of Steward. This private lender provides regenerative ranchers, farmers, fishers, and producers the necessary capital to sustain and grow their businesses. Through an innovative online platform, qualified lenders can join in this mission and fund the growth of agriculture that can renew or restore its own materials and energy sources. Such a regenerative design creates equitable and resilient systems that can combine into a whole both the needs of society with the integrity of nature.

After he acquired his B.S. and M.B.A. from the Wharton School, Dan co-founded the investment business called Fundries, a real estate crowdfunding platform that grew to be the largest in the United States, having raised more than $500 million. This experience, combined with his passion, knowledge, and expertise in ecology and agriculture, led Steward 2017 to launch Steward. 

Dale Wilkinson

As the founder of Goodgigs, Dale Wilkinson created a platform for purpose-driven professionals that provides them access to career opportunities and courses on ethical business practices and social issues. With a community of those who make changes, Goodgigs is building an empathetic and ethical workforce that can enable companies to create social impact by leading with purpose. Additionally, Mr. Wilkinson hosts the GoodMakers podcast. On this site, he interviews thought leaders and Social Entrepreneurs who can help listeners live more purposeful lives.

Derrick Emsley

Co-founder of both Tentree and Veritree, Derrick Emsley strives to accelerate the adoption of climate solutions that are nature-based and restorative with innovative technology. The Veritree platform was developed to solve the problems of large-scale global restorations groups. With blockchain technology, Veritree provides restoration organizations a platform to support site planning, inventory management, field-level collection of data, impact monitoring, and data collection while providing sponsors with a world-class experience.